Garage Door Repair or Replacement: Which Option Is Right for Your Property?

Garage doors are designed to be fairly durable. Even so, there are times when your garage door will need some attention. Most repairs aren’t all that major or expensive. Yet there are times when it makes sense to choose a replacement rather than repair them. Here are some things to consider when making the decision to repair or replace your residential or commercial garage door.


Deciding Between Garage Door Repair and Replacement for Your Property

Overall Appearance Isn’t Appealing

If you have a garage door that has multiple panels that are cracked, discolored, or rusted, it’s probably more cost-effective to opt for replacement. Also consider the type of door you have and how old it is. For instance, a wooden door that’s warped and worn out from years of use is going to be more costly to repair than one that only needs a few vinyl panels replaced.

You’ve Experienced Sudden Problems

Sudden problems with a garage door are often easier to repair than issues that develop gradually. A trained technician can usually spot the problem with a door that’s either not working at all or one that’s sluggish. Even a door that “feels heavy” may become as good as new with some adjustments to the tension. Some other sudden problems that can usually be diagnosed and repaired quickly include:
• Alignment issues
• Noises during operation
• Remote or opener not functioning properly
• Door suddenly stopping before fully closing

Your Door Has Been Severely Damaged

High winds and storms can cause severe damage to even the most durable of garage doors. Minor issues such as damage to one or more panels or broken chains or springs can usually be fixed. A garage door that has been severely damaged from fire, a major storm, or an accident, however, may not be able to be safely or fully repaired. A garage door technician can evaluate the damage to let you know what makes sense for you.

Your Garage Door Isn’t Too Old

Many of the common home and business garage doors installed today are designed to be both visually pleasing and durable. If you’ve only had your garage door for a few years and something goes wrong (other than severe damage), you’ll likely benefit from repairs rather than a complete replacement.
The specific type of garage door repair Lancaster, CA residents and business owners need will depend on several factors, including the general condition and age of existing doors and the extent of the problems experienced. If you think replacement is a better option, get an estimate and determine whether or not you want to upgrade to a different design and style to get more from your investment.


Why You Should Replace Your Garage Door,

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